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5 candles in the 5 classic Colorblox colors. For that final touch of vibrancy, interest, and energy.



Our signature neutral color in all 4 sizes of candles. For a subtle but happily noticeable finesse. 

Candles that light you up too.

Introducing Colorblox Candles, where artistry meets ambiance, and every flicker casts a spell of enchantment in your living spaces. Our meticulously crafted candles are more than just wax and wick; they are a symphony of vibrant colors, and thoughtful designs, elevating the way you experience moments at home.

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Protecting Our Planet

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With everything we do, humanity and our planet come first. At Colorblox, being kind to our Earth takes precedence over profits. Every package of every product is 100% recyclable. Being good to our planet is another way we’re dedicated to being good to you.

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