Our Colors

The color spectrum as we know it is not a new idea, but (allegedly) Isaac Newton was the first one to place it on a color wheel in 1666.

Almost 400 years later, it’s time we make choosing a color easier. Introducing Colorblox’s signature rebrands of Pink, Yellow, and Blue as we know it. For as long as we can remember, we’ve been describing colors based off of the Pre-School names we’ve come to know them as - “sort of pink, but easier on the eyes” or “yellow, but more mustard-like.”

Our 2.0 colors are meant for your not-so pre-school life. These colors are purposefully chosen to work well together or apart, whether it’s inside or outside of the space you’re working with. More importantly, our 2.0 colors serve to make the language of colors easier to communicate. Each 2.0 color is made up of at least 3 other colors that roughly describe it. In reality, each color by Colorblox is distinct from even its “synonyms” and end up being the perfect middle ground between all of them. This makes for the perfect color for any space, no matter how masculine or feminine, modern or eclectic, energized or cool and collected.

Complimentary Colors

  • F

  • M

  • N


Forest - an easy color to work with just as a green leaf would be. Compliment this with a color on the red/orange side of the color spectrum - the MIDI Candleblox in Yellow 2.0 (Y2) or Pink 2.0 (P2) are great companions.

2.0 by ColorBlox

  • P2

  • Y2

  • B2

Pink 2.0

Our signature shade of pink - not exactly pink, but not exactly not. Pink 2.0 is able to be vibrant while still being neutral. Pair this with another color to bring out the most vibrancy. Pair this with earth tones (Greens, Beiges, Browns or any combination of them) to bring out this color’s neutral tones.

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