LIL Colorblox Candles


The LIL Colorblox Candle

Refine your home design with the LIL Colorblox Candle. Our most petite candles leave big impressions, acting as vibrant stand-alone statement pieces across a dining table or sophisticated background staging—design tools to add to your canvas that match and complement your custom color palettes and motifs.

  • The LIL Colorblox Candle features unscented candles that don’t require a candle stick or stand, allowing for less limitation & more design freedom. As always, place on a drip-safe surface.
  • Details: With a low profile and an emphasis on practicality, the LIL Candleblox is perfect at the dinner table. For larger tables, two of these paired together is perfect. For most other placements, pairing the LIL Candleblox with its larger cousins will help to add balance to it’s own space as well as the room as a whole.
  • Recommended with: MIDI Candleblox (Pink, Yellow, Ivory)
  • Looking for something more neutral? This candle is also available in Ivory
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