MIDI Colorblox Candle


The MIDI Colorblox Candle

Illuminate your surroundings with the MIDI Colorblox Candle, designed to complement eclectic, modern, minimalist, or classic styles—medium-size candles for masters of color, composition & style coordination. Colorblox’s MIDI Candle, offering unscented candles that stand tall as design pillars, allows for more decorative flexibility & design freedom. Designed to be bottom-heavy, Colorblox candles are less likely to be tipped over than the traditional pillar candle. These colorful decorative candles are crafted to harmonize with your distinct design choices.

  • The MIDI Colorblox Candle features unscented candles that don’t require a candle stick or stand, allowing for less limitation & more design freedom. As always, place on a drip-safe surface.
  • Details: the MIDI Candleblox burns beautifully as the melted wax drips over the side, imprinting on each of the 3 layers. Despite it’s presence, this candle’s small footprint works well in most spaces, including the end of a dining table (even moreso when paired with the LIL Candleblox).
  • Recommended with: LOTSA Candleblox
Weight N/A

Pink 2.0, Yellow 2.0, Neutral

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